Most DISTURBING Secrets About Disney!

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Check out the most disturbing secrets about disney! This top 10 list of dark disney land secrets will surprise you! Subscribe For New Videos! Watch our "Pets You Should NEVER Release In The Wild!" video here: Watch our "Most EXPENSIVE Dogs In The World!" video here: Watch our "Pets That RETURNED Home After Being LOST!" video here: 8. Celebration, Florida Waaay before any 3D City-Building computer game was cool, it was hard to make your own little town you could control yourself. Unless you owned Disney, of course! Disney’s fantasy was to create his own world, a new magic kingdom for real people. He unfortunately died in ’66, but the idea of the perfect fantasy town he had didn’t! In early 1990 the town of Celebration was built. It was meant to be the perfect town, where everything was by the book. And they did that in a very… specific way: must have snow at Christmas time, even if it’s fake since it is never going to snow in Florida, Christmas trees with plastic needles, (a lot of other Christmas stuff since Disney loves Christmas), a limited number of houses to keep the neighborhood organized, and a very strict set of rules. For some people this was the ideal place to live. Clean parks and streets, the grass is always cut, the bushes are all in nice shapes, the houses are perfect and it’s family oriented. Like Pleasantville! It was indeed the Disney Dream. But like with any utopian dream, in less than two decades things turned south. People began to realize that the fantasy they were living was nothing more than a lie when the first murder took place. Life wasn’t Disney, they weren’t living in a Disney movie and there was nothing magical about it. It was all just a perfect shell to hide the real, normal challenges of everyday life. Not long after the murder, another resident named Craig Foushee barricaded himself inside his home. A SWAT team arrived and opened fire. After more than ten hours they used tear gas to enter the house, only to find out the owner was already dead by his own hand. Disney sold most of its stake in Celebration in 2004, but the fantasy they wanted was a lie from the very beginning. 7. Death is NOT allowed at Disneyland Disneyland, with or without real skulls, (i’ll get back to that later) is a great place for a family to have fun. It’s the happiest place on earth right? This reputation isn’t easy to maintain, I’m sure! But how far would Disney go to keep this impression up? There are rumors about an unwritten policy that requires Disneyland staff to never let anyone die there. This doesn’t make any sense at first glance. There are lots of reports about deaths at Disney parks. For example an 18-year-old staff member was crushed by a malfunctioning stage in 1974. A plane crash killed two people in 1984 and the list goes on and on. But it seems that no death was declared at Disneyland! The theory claims that the staff is instructed to keep any wounded person alive until they are off of Disney property. They would even attempt to revive obviously deceased people in order to postpone declaring them dead. But how far from the truth is this theory? Pretty far away, actually. The facts are that paramedics won’t stop trying to save a life until they reach a hospital. The only time a paramedic is allowed to declare a person dead is under extreme circumstances where the survival of the patient would be impossible. And people have been declared dead in at least 3 incidents. 6. Wonderful Wizard of Bras Oh… Disney Land! The theme park everyone knows and loves and where every child wants to go. Who can blame them though? After all, any child would want to meet Mickey and Minnie Mouse, take a photo with Alice, explore Sleeping Beauty Castle or… get a racy bra and corset! Yes! You heard right. Back in 1955, when Disneyland first opened, you could, among all the usual attractions and souvenir shops, go buy some lingerie!! At the shop you could find out about the history of undergarments and even buy corsets and bras in the “corseteria” part of the shop. The entire lingerie store was hosted by a robot. Not any kind of robot though! The Wonderful Wizard of Bras Robot! It was placed on a revolving stage which was a mechanically controlled platform and it would move around and spew out a recording describing the items displayed. What else could you get here? Just the usual stuff: Some mannequins whose outer clothing would disappear, revealing their lingerie as you turn your head, a Singer Sewing Machine (which was a huge success) and some 3D boxes showcasing intimate apparel of the Victorian era. Shocking! Well actually this store might have actually been extremely successful Origins Explained is the place to be to find all the answers to your questions, from mysterious events and unsolved mysteries to everything there is to know about the world and its amazing animals!