Top 10 Alarming Discoveries You'll be Glad You Didn't Make

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Oftentimes, searching for discoveries is an extremely dangerous endeavour. Case in point, these 10 alarming discoveries you'll be glad you didn’t make. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit: Be Amazed at these Top 10 Alarming Discoveries You'll be Glad You Didn't Make! The Elephants Foot - There are some discoveries that are so terrible, they instantly spell doom to anyone who is unfortunate enough to bear witness to their spectacle. The Hairworm of Nightmares - Terror comes in different shapes and forms. At times, it can come from something grotesque and absolutely terrifying. Hidden Freeloader - Have you ever experienced the feeling that you are not alone? Perhaps, it would be wise to listen to such intuition once in a while, lest you experience the alarming revelation that you truly are not. Human Feet at Sea - A number of weird, bizarre discoveries have been made in oceans and high seas. However nothing is as disturbing and unsettling as finding dismembered feet, all seemingly coming out of nowhere. Various Mummified Remains - Mummies and other preserved remains are for tombs and other ancient sarcophagi. They're certainly not something that you'd find on an afternoon chore routine, or on a weekend attic visit.... or, so you would think... Long Dead Beached Whales - It certainly is a depressing sight to see a mighty whale's corpse. Perhaps it is even more curious than sorrowful, but watch out. Depending on how long the carcass has been there, you might be standing next to a ticking icky time bomb. Inserted Needles n' Syringes - There is something intrinsically morbid about the discovery of sharp and prickly items where they shouldn’t be. This is especially true when said items can cause instant harm to whoever is unfortunate enough to discover them first. Donald Trump's Hair - Okay, the presidents hair isn't that bad, but there is something that looks just like it, that is cause for concern. That thing, is this peculiar caterpillar. Bombs, Bombs Everywhere - Ultimately speaking, do you know what a really alarming discovery would be? That's right, anything that explodes. More specifically, military-grade explosives discovered in the most unexpected of places. One such case was from 2015 in Massachusetts, when grenades were discovered in a charity donation bin for clothing and toys.