TOP 10 FUNNY NEWS BLOOPERS | Funny News Reporter Fails

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Here are the top 10 funny news bloopers from news networks all across the world. The BEST news fails and news reporter bloopers right here from news anchors laughing to missing cues, to interview bloopers to much more! News Bloopers 2017: the funny news, try not to laugh! *** DON"T FORGET TO LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!*** ► ◄ ►LAST VIDEO: *Have a video you want to share? Submit it here!* ► ◄ #10-CTV Vancouver Island Anchor Misuses 'Canoodle' Live On-Air: #9-I SO PALE: #8- Today Show slip-up "Get out of my pants": #7- Sausage news blooper: #6-Ryan Lochte Interview Makes Anchor Cry!: #5- DUTCH TV Reporter Falls into a river!: #4- News Station Reports Asiana Flight 214 Pilots Names: "Sum Ting Wong: #3- WGN TV News Anchors Cover 'Staged' Plane As Real News!: #2- Children interrupt BBC News interview - BBC News: #1- A Very, Very Heavy Burtation Tonight: