Top 10 Most Shocking Music Myths

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Top 10 Most Shocking Music Myths Subscribe Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll: when it comes to music, things sure can get crazy! Outrageous rumors, wild myths and all that jazz are just part of the territory when you're a rock star. List Entries and Rank: #10. Child Actor Turned Antichrist Marilyn Manson was on “The Wonder Years” #9. Dyin’ to Live Elvis, Jim and Tupac are Still Alive #8. Psychedelic Bandanas Jimi Hendrix Wore an Acidlaced Bandana #7. He Sold His Soul for Rock ‘n’ Roll Robert Johnson Made a Pact with Satan #6. Full of Seamen’s Semen Rod Stewart’s Stomach was Pumped From Too Much Semen #5. Cow Got Your Tongue? Gene Simmons Had a Tongue Transplant from a Cow #4. A Bloody Good Time Keith Richards Had a Blood Transfusion #3. ?