twenty one pilots - Josh Is Real [Forest] Animatic/Storyboard

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--READ DESCRIPTION-- SUPRISE you gay(and straight) peeps B) i read and receive your comments every morning because YOU GUYS PRETTY MUCH WATCH VIDEOS LATE AT NIGHT HUH. sO -Anyway -School time is less than 12 hours :') -i'm gonna die tomorrow help me -but dont worry i'm still gonna be active!! Just, not much very active(??) -I JOINED TOP LIKE LAST DECEMBER so im new in this fandom-????? -screw school -i love to mess with people's emotions hahaha-- -i made this on a whim after i made Not Today animatic -that was stress -this was also something thats been bothering in my head bc i keep asking the 'what if's -I HATE MY VOICE ALSFHKSDGNFDG I FEEL ASFKKGLHJ -eugh ;_; cr I nge -also 2K subs??? guys that's so many hohoho thanks!!!!!! FAQ (username, name, age, etc are on my yt banner): Q: What tablet do you use to draw? A: Nah I use my touch screen--laptop. It comes with a cute pen haha. Q: What program do you use to draw the frames? A: Paint Tool Sai Q: For editing and putting all the frames together? A: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Q: How long did it take for you to finish this? A: less than a week --SOCIAL LINKS-- Twitter: @hiLarry_Child Instagram: @hilarry_trash Tumblr: @takanos-ritz PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IN ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS. if you did i will slit your throat.