President Obama. G20. incident at the airport HANGZHOU, China. Arrival.

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President Obama. G20 summit . "incident" at the airport HANGZHOU, China. A United States spy agency is apologizing for a tweet that jabbed at China over its treatment of American reporters who had traveled with President Barack Obama to cover the G20 meeting there. Barack Obama. summit G20 incident at the airport . Barack Obama 'deliberately snubbed' by Chinese in chaotic arrival at G20. Barack Obama snubbed on the tarmac arrival at China G20. US President Obama Forced to Exit From 'Ass' of Air Force. G20: Obama downplays significance of Hangzhou airport row. Obama in China: High stakes Asia visit continues at G20. President Barack Obama forced to emerge from Air Force One's 'ass. Why at the G20 summit in China, Obama is not filed, the “main” ladder. Бараку Обаме не подали трап в китае. אובמה לא הגיש סולם. G20. Obama no han presentado el pasillo. El G20.. Obama nicht eingereicht Gangway. G20. Obama n'ont pas déposé de l'échelle. G20. オバマが提出されていないのを描きます。 G20ます。 Obama downplays G20 arrival spats while agency makes salty tweet. G20: US and China tensions apparent from moment Barack Obama. Spy agency tweets its way into China tiff. Barack Obama . Obama has not provided a ladder for the aircraft before the start of G20. G20. airport ExitObama comments on 'friction' during his China arrival. G20 Summit: Obama says furious row with Chinese outside Air Force.