TOP 5 ILLEGAL FIDGET SPINNERS! (Dangerous Fidget Spinners)

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TOP 5 ILLEGAL FIDGET SPINNERS! (Dangerous Fidget Spinners)These fidget spinners are classed as weapons and could be illegal! even one kid got arrested for using a fidget spinner! Click Here To Enter The GIVEAWAY➤ 👉Follow Us On INSTAGRAM: ➤ 💰Gift Cards And Vouchers Download AppBounty: ➤ Commentator GregFPS! ➤ Check Out exility Channel For Our Inspiration To Make This Video! ➤ kid arrested for using fidget spinner ➤ TOP 5 Youtubers Featured Check Them Out! 5 Scrubzah➤ 4 ADHDS World➤ 3 Scrubzah➤ 2 MoreWolfie➤ 1 Slater Brown➤