What Kermit Does When Julien Comes Home

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2014-08-15 21:32:14 Category: Comedy מאת:
He does this every day, some days it's not quite this dramatic but he really missed Julien today apparently. Please don't worry that the noise he's making is because he's being hurt, I promise you I know my dog and we would never think that's funny, he also makes this noise if he takes poops and he needs his bottom wiped (seriously, think about that). He also never does this with anyone else, for example when I come home he just jumps and kisses, no real crying, but when Julien comes home he refuses to let Julien put him down. Trust me they love each other so much, I get jealous of their bromance sometimes. Julien is getting his new italian greyhound puppy tomorrow, her name is Peach, so I thought it was adorable to film the last day that they were going to be able to do this together without the new little baby, who knows what coming home will be like then.