Destiny 2: WORLDS FIRST DESTINY 2 FULL CRUCIBLE GAMEPLAY! (Destiny 2 Sniper Gameplay)

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Destiny 2 FULL Crucible gameplay from the world premiere event. Destiny 2 PC gameplay is insane (this is on PS4/Playstation 4 (Destiny 2 console) ►Subscribe to Wizzite: ►FREE SHADER: ►HOW TO TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS - ►Join The Discord - ► Donate and Wizzite leave a personal message on screen: *** Donations aren't something you need to do but are greatly appreciated and will go towards improving the channel as a whole. Current donations go towards: GTX 1080 Thank you to Activision for covering all travel costs to make this video possible. Follow me: ►Twitter ►Facebook ►Instagram Playlists: ►ARK:Survival Evolved: ►Destiny: ►Live Gameplays: ►Call of Duty Gameplay: ►Supply Drop Opening: ►VLOGs: Contact: ----------------------------------------­­­­­­­­­­-------------------------------­ Keep the comment section clean, no hating on other Ites. Spread the love of our community!