twenty one pilots - Oh, Ms. Believer Animatic/Storyboard

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--READ DESCRIPTION-- All of us have insecurities. None of us are perfect, we have flaws, make mistakes. But always remember that no one should allow to judge you except you. Do not mind other people's expectation on you, their thoughts do not have any business with you. Don't be pressured by them. Focus on yourself. There are successes, there are failures. If you fail, that's okay, get up and make no mistake again. That's experience, that's life. Wow, okay that was #deep but mk Anyway, Merry Christmas! Or Happy Holidays. I hope this year you have received, peace, hope, joy, care, and lots of love! Wowzers, my sleeping schedule is rekt bc of Misa de Gallo but ehhh. Gonna complete those 9 masses ahah- And, yes! Another complete storyboard of another song from tøp (it's shortened a bit tho but ahah)! I'm really sorry for the huge inactivity but y'know, the school. Also, if you are asking about the Run and Go animatic, do not get your hopes up. Consider it buried 6 ft underground lol. Oh, Ms. Believer was giving me the Christmas vibe (bc of the jingles yiee) lol, but the meaning is definitely deeper. I think I may or may not get the interpretation right? OTL sorry 'bout that haha-- Also, im too lazy to fix the errors asddfgh i got frustrated on figuring them out ughhhh and agggh. And before I end, their relationship really depends on you guys, if you think they're lovers, then lovers they are. If only friends, okay! Very best friends? GO!!! The goal was to perceive that they help each other through their struggles! Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this storyboard! :D Merry Christmas agaaain. --STUFF-- Medium: Samsung - Touch Screen Laptop w/ Pen Art: Paint Tool SAI Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Frames: ~96 Time Taken: 5 days (Dec 17 - Dec 21) --SOCIAL LINKS-- Twitter: @hiLarry_Child Instagram: @hilarry_trash Tumblr: {N/A} {NOT ACTIVE ON MAIN BLOG, sorry lol} PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IN ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS. If you did i will slit your throat. DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the audio! I only own my art/frames used. No Copyright Infringement. |-/