My Girlfriend Does My Hair

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2014-08-12 09:13:23 Category: Comedy מאת:
You can now download my album Nightmare Fuel on iTunes: I recently took a much needed trip to Jenna's Ratchet Salon and I didn't want to leave you out of my experience. Overall, I would say the customer service, and styling skills of the hair stylist was pretty top notch, even though I didn't have a shred of input..Who am I kidding, I asked for that shit. Hope you enjoyed this..I know my locks did. Also, huge thanks to Jenna for doing this. I love her. Subscribe to My Channel for Videos and Vlogs containing ridiculousness. Also I like to include training/weightlifting footage. For Business Inquiries, email: You can follow Jenna: Twitter: Instagram: Youtube: Follow me on: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Podcast Channel: