#ProudToLove - Celebrating Marriage Equality and LGBT Pride Month

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YouTube is #ProudToLove the LGBT community and marriage equality. SHARE THIS VIDEO: https://youtu.be/WSiehK2asbI MUSIC: Until The Shadows -- from Random Forest by Echelon Effect Over the last 10 years, everyone from moms to presidents have uploaded videos in support of LGBT awareness, to stand up against bullying and discrimination, and to say together, as a community, that marriage equality matters. That’s why we are so excited by the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to recognize the constitutional right of all couples to marry. In recognition of Pride Month, and of this historic decision, we want to celebrate the many individuals and communities that have helped inspire change: JOIN IN: Who, what, or why are you #ProudToLove? Upload a video or share a post with #ProudToLove in the title so others can find it. SUBSCRIBE: http://yt.be/spotlight/subscribe ----------------------------------------­­­­-------------------------------------­-­-­- FEATURED VIDEOS (IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE): Ingrid Nilsen - https://youtu.be/Eh7WRYXVh9M ConnorFranta - https://youtu.be/WYodBfRxKWI Troye Sivan - https://youtu.be/JoL-MnXvK80 Benji Choi - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VPVQ7FptiA0 ImFromDriftwood - https://youtu.be/6B6abyTQMlA JoeyGraceffa - https://youtu.be/z1PoNhYb3K4 MAKERS - https://youtu.be/dRu6XFUSYq0 Janet Mock - https://youtu.be/kmqi3LaTef4 AdamJernberg - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8HUEHBlsKs mallow610 - https://youtu.be/GESBUlXBCvE The Rhodes Bros - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3K0CJ8usPU Human Rights Campaign - https://youtu.be/1hlCEIUATzg Greenwich Diva Store - https://youtu.be/akBtrO4Xw0I Loren Baldwin - https://youtu.be/yoJto7OXSFo Jesse Duke - https://youtu.be/K_nMHDA-lFk Marisa Eaton - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfC_mx8ZgWQ Ashley Mardell - https://youtu.be/CzFVmareXZE MarkE Miller - https://youtu.be/q-v52jP6ZQY flashmobtheworld - https://youtu.be/kWvu61uhyvE NYSenate - https://youtu.be/dCFFxidhcy0 BriaAndChrissy - https://youtu.be/0XUv0q5TYbE ElloSteph - https://youtu.be/zlBrHC3Q_Jg Tyler Oakley - https://youtu.be/9vc7IeTk2_o Gigi Gorgeous - https://youtu.be/hU7mPpRU7_I Arielle Scarcella - https://youtu.be/tDj3udTewvg Kingsley - https://youtu.be/4MhA2_OWLzk wickydkewl - https://youtu.be/2sQJTGbA_kA Iowa House Democrats - https://youtu.be/FSQQK2Vuf9Q&feature=youtu.be Synon - https://youtu.be/A8JsRx2lois John Argos - https://youtu.be/rfobL3900wI GLAAD - https://youtu.be/0CZs7alxbbA xtraonline - https://youtu.be/b_D-S5zFD44 Human Rights Campaign - https://youtu.be/xUNT8v6a8PQ WAHouseVideo - https://youtu.be/jPSaCumuEyw Associated Press - https://youtu.be/tHCHj8kOHoo Lindsey Anderson - https://youtu.be/HAxKA-MoUts DrivingEquality - https://youtu.be/EudNq10B824 American Foundation for Equal Rights - https://youtu.be/S7lcrEndnbM andiebean13 - https://youtu.be/PVoPrcalH40 HowHeAsked.com - https://youtu.be/qQbTVu92lDk Jo Englesson - https://youtu.be/krqyp-XWTyA Spencer Stout - https://youtu.be/l4HpWQmEXrM Absolut - https://youtu.be/9lLKQ8A5660 POPSUGAR Girls' Guide - https://youtu.be/rkSQaCo0WXI Andrea Rizzo - https://youtu.be/Mgtb_ye6_Rw hashtagTheGirls - https://youtu.be/yPmz92-P6dg Jules H - https://youtu.be/QKzhzi4QZdY Sarah + Laura - https://youtu.be/mXiSSKhnKt0 Ray Roman - https://youtu.be/P-WZ4aZyotU Harshal Sanghavi - https://youtu.be/TuSrgW744qg PastorAprilGismondi - https://youtu.be/9xlAjkHcYGs FanSupported - https://youtu.be/Y_bwA_l7npQ Virgil Wong - https://youtu.be/DnR3l0Oj1MM Michael & Luigi - https://youtu.be/beHVWsVdJ3Y Reyhan nur - https://youtu.be/3dR8NZtJXtM OhanaFilmsMaui - https://youtu.be/rRwbN8HFqJA