Snap And Go Bowls and Utensils

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Here is what you'll need! Snap And Go Bowls and Utensils SUPPLIES Flexible cutting board Ruler X-acto knife Scissors Plastic snaps Awl (optional) Hand press pliers INSTRUCTION Cut cutting board in half. Make a 2x2-inch mark on each corner and lightly score. Flip the cutting board and score on a 45 degree angle in the 2x2 square. Bend the 45 degree-angled score towards you and fold to the right. It should create a corner. Repeat for all corners. With an awl or any sharp needle, poke a hole through the triangle formed by folding in the socred ends. Attach a plastic snap through the right hole. Repeat using the opposite snap on the left hole. Cut a hole or square for the middle. Refold the corners and snap into place. Now you have a foldable bowl! To make a foldable utensil, take an extra piece of the cutting board and cut a strip. Round one of the ends, and cut the other end into zig-zag shapes. Score 2 inches or so in the middle of the strip. Poke a hole and attach the snaps. Now you have a foldable utensil! They are very light, reusable, and easy to make! Enjoy! Check us out on Facebook! - MUSIC Journeys Home Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. Created by