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--READ DESCRIPTION-- yey another meme. I love the result tbh? Originally is to make a pork soday or bye bye meme with them but not with this one but eh. --CREDITS-- Doki Doki Literature Club by Team Salvato Original Meme by Rossali and Lisamena Song: Role-Playing Game by SoraMafuUraSaka --STUFF-- Medium: Samsung - Touch Screen Laptop w/ Pen Art: Paint Tool SAI Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Time Taken: 6 days FULL IMAGE: https://www.twitter.com/hiLarry_Child --SOCIAL LINKS-- Twitter: @hiLarry_Child https://www.twitter.com/hiLarry_Child Instagram: @hilarry_trash https://www.instagram.com/hilarry_trash Tumblr: {N/A} {NOT ACTIVE ON MAIN BLOG} PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IN ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS. If you did i will slit your throat. DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the audio nor the background art! I only own my art. No Copyright Infringement. Just Monika.