TØP Theory: The TRUTH of Dema and Clancy's Journal

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Twenty One Pilots dropped NEW INFORMATION! I want to focus on the page from Clancy’s journal. If you don’t know what that is, basically, there’s a secret website with a lot of strange images. And when Josh told us all that Tyler was cutting ties with Dema, it was indeed about towers of silence, and when the eye closed on the word silence when the Twitter went inactive, it was all leading into this. And Dema is the name of an organization that supposedly Tyler or Tyler and Josh are metaphorically part of . Basically, there’s a map that seems to be of Dema. It has nine sections, each with a weird name that’s a snapshot of letters from a Blurryface song (like “Choke on Smoke” becomes “Keons”), and these are the names of Bishops that run one ninth of the town. On the outskirts of town is a cemetery or “necropolis.” City of the dead, which fits with the towers of silence. There’s a lot here, but let’s turn our attention to the page from the journal. I teach literary analysis at the college level, and this is very intentionally written as a piece of literature, so I feel like I have a level-headed, cautious perspective to offer. Basically, in this journal, we see a world being built. It’s a piece from the journal of a character named Clancy, and he’s starting to be unhappy with Dema when he writes, “As a child, I looked upon Dema with wonder, today, I am wrought with frustration. . . .” He continues, “There was a wonderful structure to the city that put my cares to rest. Streets and locations were dependable, and the responsibilities of the day seemed to be accomplished with minimal effort.” Apparently, Dema is an organization and village, and Clancy is part of the working class though it also appears that most people are. In fact the only people mentioned with any power are the bishops who seem to rule with absolute power. Not only is someone teaching the inhabits to do simple tasks, but some bishops are rumored to be “ruthless” in a way that makes Clancy “honored” and “proud to serve” his stoic elder, Keons (named after “HeavyDirtySoul”). Clancy though has become unhappy with Dema after he turns his mind to “contemplate the existential” and to “decide what type of impression I wanted my life to make.” When he acquires bigger dreams, he sees an incredibly high wall that he hadn’t noticed before and that makes Dema not a “home” but “my trap.” Once Clancy acquires self-awareness, thinks deeper, existential thoughts (defined as “concerned with existence, especially human existence”), and tries to make a personal difference in the world, he finds obstacles that will keep him from it. And this may have something to do with the bridge from “Doubt." This is an odd twist of imagery. It sounds like he’s singing as a person wanting to be successful in Dema who hasn’t learned to look outside the system. Those “simple phrases” could coincide with the simple, easy tasks given to the people of Dema. But let’s review the facts: Society with simple tasks handed down by leaders with absolute power. Existentialism drives people to look away from it. The society fights back against existential thought with invisible walls that act as traps. The society seems better to children who are less mature. Keons, one bishop, is focused and stoic inspiring loyalty while at least some of the bishops may be ruthless. There are any number of situations that fit, just barely fit, or almost fit, but there are five I find somewhat compelling. Of those, I think organized religion would be the most interesting one to be the answer, but it seems a little overt for Tyler, and while the music industry theory will likely have many parallels, it too seems too concrete for Tyler. The other two are even weaker. Tyler doesn’t do cut and dried allegories about social causes very enthusiastically or very often, so here’s a theory I think more likely. I think Tyler may be done with silence. “Car Radio” left him just sitting in silence, and now he wants to cut ties with his “towers of silence” that ended up being more of a trap apparently. He’s learned lessons from silence, and it’s good in many ways, but not in others, and he’s ready to move onto other things. We’re currently in the dash right now—the silence of the Twenty One Pilots symbol, and it’s time for something new (which you can learn more about by watching my Hiatus Theory video). YOUR NEXT STEPS: 1. Choose Songs for Me to Explain: https://goo.gl/WwXQXk 2. Get Free Songwriting Tips: http://eepurl.com/dlRMCf 3. Learn to Write Lyrics Like Twenty One Pilots: https://goo.gl/L5vfNL 4. Check out Camera Equipment, Books, & Games I recommend: https://goo.gl/nRzEuT GET TO KNOW EACH OTHER BETTER: My PODCAST: https://goo.gl/9ZTE3f My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cliffordstumme/ My Twitter: https://twitter.com/CliffordStumme My website: https://www.popsongprofessor.com