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I HOPE you guys enjoy this video that I have put together for you guys. I had this idea while back but didn't follow it through, but I'm happy that I finally created this video. This is the evolution of Eminem as an artists through the years of 1998-2017. If I missed any crucial songs out of this video then please do let me know in the comments. Let me know what your favorite all time Eminem song is! If you want to see more of these types of videos but for different artists then comment which artist you want to see next! MAKE sure you LEAVE a LIKE for this video and lets see if we can get it to 1,000 LIKES! SHARE this with friends and family! Please mind the fact that during the end of the video the song "Rap God" was zoomed out, this was an error with my editing software. It was fine when I was rendering then after it was changed. IF this annoys anyone let me know and I'll change the feature and re-upload. Also, BE SURE to watch the ENTIRE video not only for the fact EMINEM IS AWESOME to listen to but for the fact that you could win a $15 AMAZON GIFTCARD! At some point in this video a code for a $15 Amazon Gift Card pops up and if you're the first to see it then go redeem it! IT WORKS! Unlike all the drama around these giveaways mine are actually real, don't believe me? Go find the code and test it for yourself or look in the comments for the winner! Song List: ● Eminem - Just Don't Give A F*** ● Eminem - My Name Is ● Eminem - Guilty Conscience ● Eminem - Role Model ● Eminem - The Real Slim Shady ● Eminem - The Way I Am ● Eminem - Stan ● Eminem - S*** On You ● Eminem - Rock City (Royce Da 9'5 feature) ● Eminem - Without Me ● Eminem - White America ● Eminem - Cleaning Out My Closet ● Eminem - Lose Yourself - type in video ● Eminem - Superman ● Eminem - Sing For The Moment ● Eminem - Mosh ● Eminem - Just Lose It ● Eminem - (D12) My Band ● Eminem - Like Toy Soldiers ● Eminem - Mockingbird ● Eminem - When I'm Gone ● Eminem - Ass Like That ● Eminem - Shake That ● Eminem - Smack That (Akon Feature) ● Eminem - We Made You ● Eminem - Beautiful ● Eminem - Crack A Bottle ● Eminem - Drop The World (Lil Wayne Feature) ● Eminem - Not Afraid ● Eminem - Love The Way You Lie ● Eminem - No Love ● Eminem - I Need A Doctor ● Eminem - My Life (50 Cent Feature_ ● Eminem - Bezerk ● Eminem - Survival ● Eminem - The Monster ● Eminem - Rap God ● Eminem - Headlights ● Eminem - Guts Over Fear ● Eminem - Phenomenal LEAVE a LIKE for these awesome songs and for support in EMINEM dropping potentially a new album this year! Follow me for updates! ● ● ● ♔ You can support me my clicking this link; Current Subscriber Count - 15,908 🔔 Become a part of the #NotificationSquad and TURN my POST NOTIFICATION ON! All credit goes to the original creators and publishers of the above songs, I did not in anyway shape or form create the above songs. They're been used for entertainment purposes only and they follow the fair use act of YouTube by using under 25 seconds of footage. If you're reading this then type "#LykanSquad" in the comment below!