Russian Su-47 Golden Eagle - Experimental Supersonic Jet Fighter

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The Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut (Russian: Су-47 Беркут—Golden Eagle) (NATO reporting name Firkin), also designated S-32 and S-37 (not to be confused with the twin-engined delta canard designoffered by Sukhoi in the early 1990s under the designation Su-37) during initial development, was an experimental supersonic jet fighter developed by Sukhoi Aviation Corporation. A distinguishing feature of the aircraft was its forward-swept wingthat gave the aircraft excellent agility and maneuverability. While serial production of the type never materialized, the sole aircraft produced served as a technology demonstrator prototype for a number of advanced technologies later used in the 4.5 generation fighter SU-35BM and current fifth-generation jet fighter prototype Sukhoi PAK FA T-50.On August 11, 2014, Commander-in-chief of the Russian Air Forces, Colonel General Viktor Bondarev claimed that Russia is still continuing the research and development of Su-47 or similar forward-swept wing fighters. The new prototypes of such aircraft will be unveiled in the near future. Currently, the Su-47 is used as a flying laboratory. New prototype SR-10 : Су-47 «Беркут» (C-37) (по кодификации НАТО: Firkin) — проект российского перспективного палубного истребителя, разработанный в ОКБ им. Сухого. Истребитель имеет крыло обратной стреловидности, в конструкции планера широко используются композитные материалы. Главный конструктор — Михаил Асланович Погосян. Первый полет совершил 25 сентября 1997 года. В настоящее время проект закрыт и используется как летающая лаборатория. Новый прототип с крылом обратной стреловидности СР-10 : Источники : Т24 - Первый канал - Россия 24 -