Star Wars: The Old Republic Mini Movie (All Cinematic Trailers) 1080p HD

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24/7 GAME MOVIE LIVE STREAM: BUY BATTLEFRONT 2 HERE: NEW UPDATED VERSION: Follow GLP on Twitter - Follow GLP on Instagram - Like GLP on Facebook - WATCH MORE MINI MOVIES (CINEMATIC TRAILERS) HERE: Many were disappointed by the Old Republic, and I honestly think that part of it was because they hype for the game got to epic proportions because of these amazing trailers. Of course, at the end of the day all that matters is whether the game is good or not. But when your CGI trailers are this good it's hard for people not to get hyped even when they know they're not representative of the game. We were searching through our old trailer archives and found these gems again. I'm sure most of you have seen these already, but we wanted to make sure to have them in our own library of videos. We compiled the trailers in chronological order, and also added the new "Knights of the Fallen Empire" trailer at the end. All credit to Bioware for these amazing CGI trailers. Enjoy! Our 2nd Channel GLP TV: OUR GRAPHICS CARD: OUR CAPTURE CARD: OUR PROCESSOR: OUR MONITOR: OUR HEADSET: OUR MIC: DISCORD: