Suleiman the Magnificent - Hero of All That Is - Extra History - #1

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A young Suleiman ascends the throne of the Ottoman Empire. He wants to be a benevolent ruler, but he must prove that he is no pushover. Support us on Patreon! --- (Episode details below) Grab your Extra Credits gear at the store! Subscribe for new episodes every Saturday! Watch the Suleiman the Magnificent series! Play games with us on Extra Play! Talk to us on Twitter (@ExtraCreditz): Follow us on Facebook: Get our list of recommended games on Steam: ____________ Perhaps it all began when Suleiman's father died... Suleiman's father, Selim I, had pushed the borders of the Ottoman Empire further than any before him. Suleiman and his childhood friend, a Greek named Ibrahim who'd once been his slave, had to race back to Constantinople to claim the throne before news got out. Suleiman immediately bestowed gifts on the janissaries and court officials whose favor he would need for a successful reign, but he also carried out executions against those he suspected of treachery. He could not afford to be too kind. Indeed, his rule was challenged immediately by a revolt in Syria, which Suleiman crushed with overwhelming force to secure his reputation as a powerful leader. He wanted to stretch the empire even more, to bring it into Europe, which brought his attention to Hungary (his gateway to Europe) and Rhodes (a thorn in his side in the Mediterranean). The young prince of Hungary gave him the excuse he needed by executing an Ottoman envoy who'd come to collect tribute. Suleiman prepared his troops for war. ____________ ♫ Get the intro music here! *Music by Demetori: ♫ Get the outro music here! *Music by Sean and Dean Kiner: