Trump Delivers the Much Needed Evidence...

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Trump Delivered Evidence to Support His Claims… ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to reports, Trump delivered evidence requested by the House Intelligence Committee regarding the ObamaGate. At this point in time, the public does not yet know the contents of the delivered documents, but presumably since the documents were sent by own Trump’s team, it stands to reason that whatever was delivered supported his claims, not the other way around. Right now, all we know is Trump has delivered the needed evidence! Now we wait. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOR MORE ON OUR JUSTICE SYSTEM, RULES OF EVIDENCE, OR TAKING ONLINE CLASSES ONLINE FOR A CRIMINAL JUSTICE DEGREE: — America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System - — Get your Online Criminal Justice Degree - — America's Courts and the Criminal Justice System - — Federal Rules of Evidence; 2017 Edition - CONSIDER SHOPPING AMAZON’S NEW FIRE TABLETS STARTING AT $49.99 SO YOU CAN GET THE eBOOKS - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Check out Armani for Trump - Who do the media think Trump is? Darth Vader from Star Wars? Pro-Trump Hats, Shirts, Sweatshirts, & More - - -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS CHANNEL NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT! DONATE BELOW: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** VIA Patreon: ** VIA Go-Fund-Me: ** VIA PayPal: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: PINTEREST: INSTAGRAM: