twenty one pilots - Forest Animatic/Storyboard

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----READ DESCRIPTION---- edit 6/30/17: 106,000+ VIEWS????? HOly nuggets thank you guyyysss!!!!! :""")))) edit 12/21/17: 344K+ VIEWS?! John Adams what in the-- :''_) edit 04/14/18: Holy heck it's been one year! Thank you for the 472K+ VIEWS!!!! TTT_TTT TToTT ** If you can, or would like to see where I got the inspiration from, PLEASE DO GIVE IT A SHOT IN READING THE FOREST FIC: I didn’t make the story, give Solo-Chaos credits for the interesting story. You won’t understand the animatic that much unless you read it. But please do aware with the trigger warnings. It is exceptionally made good, really, give it a shot. Note: I vaguely remembered what happened in the actual fic, I only read it thrice, though it was just to refresh my mind for the highlights. So in this animatic, scene used in various parts of the song are not in order, especially the second pre-chorus and the bridge. ** Finally, the project that I am urge to make is finally done! This is my very first animatic/storyboard so I wasn’t sure if the frames are supposed to be like that but eh, I was just merely observing other animatics in Hamilton and Heathers. So, um, I guess that’s it. Oh, but I will post the same video in our joint youtube channel: G QUADruple. Please do subscribe there! That is like my back-up channel (lmao Im not even sorry, Sundae. If you guys won’t be posting after my 3 consecutive posts--) also, and it is being used by 4 people (duh) including me. **EDIT: 6/8/17 FAQ: Q: What tablet do you use to draw? A: Nah I use my touch screen--laptop. It comes with a cute pen haha. Q: What program do you use to draw the frames? A: Paint Tool Sai Q: For editing and putting all the frames together? A: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Q: How long did it take for you to finish this? A: +1 week (April 3 - April 9) --SOCIAL LINKS-- Twitter: @hiLarry_Child Instagram: @hilarry_trash Tumblr: (lol noep pm me at Insta if you want to follow me and my trashes on that site haha) (aka mY FRIEND IS DESPERATE TO KNOW MY TUMBLR) (i have 2 blogs btw) PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IN ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS. ** I do hope this won’t get taken down //sweats. DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the music! I only own my art/frames used. Forest is made by Twenty One Pilots in their album Vessel. No Copyright Infringement. |-/