Swarm! Fundraising pitch

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Thanks for your interest in Swarm! We hope you get involved =D Contact us & Paypal donations: swarm.over.glass@gmail.com Please contact us first if you are interested in tax exempt donations! Jon's profile: http://goo.gl/Zjt8c Dan's profile: http://goo.gl/bAOuF Swarm! Game Bible: http://goo.gl/Qi7je Transcription: http://goo.gl/Z694C Swarm! is being designed and developed by Chaotic Good, in partnership with Interdisciplined, a non-profit educational collaboratory in New York. http://interdisciplined.com/ Swarm! coverage in the media: http://livingthruglass.com/app-swarm-on-glass-the-attention-economy-gamified/ http://www.reddit.com/r/googleglass/comments/1eomo7/swarm_an_mmo_for_glass/