10 DIY Mermaid vs Fairy Lifestyle Ideas

Troom Troom
2019-07-15 19:00:03 קטגוריה: תחביבים וסגנון מאת: Troom Troom
Subscribe WooHoo: 8 DIY Weird Makeup Ideas / Social Media Makeup: Do you have a friend Mermaid or Fairy? We have! And today they want to share with you their own lifestyle secrets! Are you interested in? Then watch our new Troom Troom video just now! Supplies and tools: • Phone case • Seashell • Pen • Sequins • Superglue • Pearly nail polish • Beads • Rhinestones • Artificial flowers • Plastic butterflies • Decorative stones • Decorative tulle • Needle and...

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