{HAPPY PRIDE MONTH} twenty one pilots - Not Today Animatic/Storyboard

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--READ DESCRIPTION-- -Okay i did say i almost lost motivation while making this and the valid evidence was the part at the 1st pre-chorus lmao -And i almost thought of discontinuing it bUT THIS SONG IS JUST TOO JOLLY FOR ME TO ABANDON THIS. -I also procrastinated a LOOOOOT HAHAHA. i cant escape. -Life got in the way too last week. -I might have interpreted this in a different way lol, but hey it's Pride Month too i think it fits. -There's no actual plot here HAHAH. -Lipsyncs. Gah. Can i die. -I love my dead gay sons. -This is also a 1K sub special oooh -I'm straight BUT HEY HAPPY PRIDEEEE FAQ: Q: What tablet do you use to draw? A: Nah I use my touch screen--laptop. It comes with a cute pen haha. Q: What program do you use to draw the frames? A: Paint Tool Sai Q: For editing and putting all the frames together? A: Sony Vegas Pro 11 Q: How long did it take for you to finish this? A: 1 week and 6 days (May 26 - June 7) --SOCIAL LINKS-- Twitter: @hiLarry_Child Instagram: @hilarry_trash Tumblr: (lol noep pm me at Insta if you want to follow me and my trashes on that site haha) (aka mY FRIEND IS DESPERATE TO KNOW MY TUMBLR) (i have 2 blogs btw) PLEASE DO NOT REPOST IN ANY OTHER SOCIAL MEDIAS. I hope this won’t get taken down //sweats. DISCLAIMER: I don’t own the music! I only own my art/frames used. Not Today is made by Twenty One Pilots in their album Blurryface. No Copyright Infringement.