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Hey Gam3rs, Today I got an informative video showing two flaws in builds that I get asked about a lot. If this video helped you, make sure to hit that like button and subscribe for more! New Videos! 1.7 WILL BE BROKEN WITH THIS BUILD!! BUILD GUIDE PRO TIPS ON HOW TO BE A GOD OF 1V1 The Division NEW SINGING STAGE?!? CONSOLE PLAYERS MUST KNOW TO PLAY PTS/ CODE EMAIL GUIDE SNIPER DESTRUCTION! The Division MY BEST LAST STAND MATCH//74 KILLS HIGHEST RAW DAMAGE 1SHOT SNIPER/MP7 BUILD!! Hilarious tactical Gameplay part 2! 30+ Killstreak solo massacre!! BE INVISIBLE TO NPC'S!! 1.7 HOW TO GET CLASSIFIED GEAR Funny toxic guy reaction If you wish to support me, I do have a donation page. If you decide to donate, you are awesome and keeping the dream alive! link to support me ways to support me or superchat when I am streaming You guys are the best!