Donald Trump VS Jim Acosta (CNN) & NBC Crony - ALPHA BATTLE Analysis

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Donald Trump faces off again's CNN reporter Jim Acosta and NBC's Peter Alexander at a White House press conference yesterday. Trump called him, "A rude and terrible person." Since the incident, Acosta has been denied entrance to the White House. The reason being stated is that Acosta put his hands on the White House intern who tried to take the mic from him. What does it look like when two people become locked into a public verbal power struggle as to who is going to control the microphone, and even the content of their exchange? Well, "normal" rules of etiquette are often breached and left lying in the dumpster as both parties tend to resort to interrupting, belittling, "subject changing," and even name calling. The attached video of a recent dialogue between Reporter Jim Acosta of CNN and President Trump exploded into open oral warfare which showcased several techniques for verbal combat in a high-profile setting with significant consequences. Among the strategies demonstrated were: For the person being questioned: ---Denigrating a questioner even before the query is completed to damage their credibility ---Avoiding the question actually being asked, but instead veering off ("pivoting"), and responding to a hypothetical question you want to address ---When unable to "shake" the questioner and intimidate them into silence, put a stop to their ability to continue their presentation (You control the interview room and logistics) For the questioner: ---Do not easily surrender the floor to the person being interviewed, even as they may use interrupting and diversion techniques ---Persevere in asking questions, even when thrown off the track by the interviewee ---Keep on message for your line of inquiry, even when the interviewee uses strategies to change the subject, or push you off track *** More from The Charisma Matrix: *** Instagram: The Charisma Matrix Webpage: The Vocal Power BOOTCAMP: https://VocalPowerBootcamp Social Invincibility Program: Vocal Power & Tonality Masterclass: Facebook: Gear I use to make my videos: