President Trump Theresa May Joint Press Conference 1/27/17

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President Donald Trump Holds a Joint Press Conference with British Prime Minister Theresa May of the United Kingdom. President Donald Trump invites U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to the White House where the two leaders will hold a joint press conference. Barely one week into his Presidency, Donald J. Trump Friday met with newly-installed British Prime Minister Theresa May at the White House. And while the topics of conversation and the prepared statements from the world leaders were serious in nature, POTUS had a few good jokes that filled the room with laughter. Each press pool managed a small handful of joint questions aimed at May and Trump, and one of the British reporters in the room began the round of presser questions with a tough one. Laura Kuenssberg of the BBC News called out the key differences between the two. “Can you tell us where in your talks you did disagree, and do you think that the President listened to what you had to say?” Kuenssberg asked, before turning her attention onto President Trump and bringing up the potential for “alarming beliefs” that he has held regarding torture. Before any of the responses could be uttered however, Trump turned to the Prime Minister and stammered, “This was your choice of a question?” resulting in room-wide laughter When it was Trump’s turn to respond, he invoked the name of his “great General” — James “Mad Dog” Mattis — who was just appointed Secretary of Defense, indicating that Mattis’ views in the past were not always necessarily compatible with those of the President’s. “I don’t necessarily agree,” Trump said, but pointed out that Mattis’ “would override” that of the Commander in Chief. “He’s an expert, he’s highly expected, he’s the General’s General,” Trump continued Friday afternoon from the East Room of the White House. He cautioned however that he does thing enhanced interrogation does work, but reiterated that Mattis’ expertise would likely win out.