20 Scariest Ocean Photos

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Here are the top 20 most terrifying pictures of giant ocean creatures, insane diving places and mysterious deep sea animals. Subscribe to American Eye http://goo.gl/GBphkv 10. Spooky Sub There are a lot of creepy animals at the bottom of our ocean, no doubt. But there’s also a lot of spooky abandoned ships and submarines out there left by man as well. Here in this photo, a scuba diver is investigating a sunken submarine. These can certainly be spooky because you don’t always know the story of why and how the ship sunk, if there was people inside when it sunk and what spirits could be lurking inside. 9. Sunken Yacht The ocean certainly doesn’t care if you’re trying to get to Antarctica on your yacht! Fierce ocean storms have been known to decimate ships sailing the seven seas. A rich Brazilian man had the courage to take his yacht to this mysterious continent in order to make a documentary but as you can see, he failed epically. He might have made a cool documentary about his yacht sinking however but it certainly cost him more than he was hoping. Luckily, him and his crew survived the ordeal. 8. The Horror! What on earth could this thing possibly be! Is it the mouth of some giant, mysterious sea creature that’s getting ready. If this thing came near you, you could only pray your end will come quickly! Actually, it turns out to be the bow of a giant ship that has been infested with barnacles! Dang ocean, you scary! 7. Truk Lagoon The Truk Lagoon is a sheltered body of water in the central pacific located about 750 miles north of Papua New Guinea. During World War II, it was Japan’s main base in this region. And there’s something quite eery about this place. It was even explored by Jacques Cousteau. Ghostly remains like of this light tank here at about 150 feet depth, attract many scuba divers. 6. Underwater Bomber From the outside, the Truc Lagoon might look like a tropical paradise, teeming with beautiful jungles and crystal clear waters, is actually a graveyard for Japanese warships and planes. This photo here depicts a Mitsubishi Bomber that was shot down by American a nti aircraft weaponry and sits at the bottom of the pacific ocean at about 65 feet depth. If creepy scuba diving is one of your hobbies, this might be the best place to go. 5. Scuba Screams What other creepy things could possibly be lurking the oceans? By now you probably don’t think it could get any scarier. Well how about a clownfish?! Scuba divers are on constant alert for this sea monster and sightings of them recently have gone through the roof! Hide yo kids! But seriously folks! Have your harpoons ready! 4. Underwater Alien Creature About a mile and half underwater, this alien like creature was actually caught on camera and was filmed by Shell Oil while building an oil platform in the gulf coast. National Geographic claims it’s an elbowed Magnapinna Squid but it really doesn’t look like anything from this world! Oil companies are able to grab some valuable footage of deep sea life. Others claim it’s actually an alien whose attempts to stay hidden from mankind were just spoiled. What do you believe. 3. Giant Isopods In case bugs weren’t creepy enough, imagine them only a 1000x bigger and live on the bottom of the see. Yeah not cool at all. Since the bottom of the ocean doesn’t have any plant matter, the ocean life there must either eat each other or even marine snow, which is basically fish feces, dead fish. So you can probably imagine things that eat this stuff aren’t really going to turn out that pretty! You are what you eat. Hopefully this thing doesn’t eat the cute kitty! 2. Titanic Underwater In 2012, new images of the Titanic were released to the public like you’ve never seen it before. The legendary doomed ship skidded along its starboard side on into an iceberg in the frigid North Atlantic Seas. The ship was too large to turn away and avoid the crash. Using robotic devices, this expedition took two months in order to get never before seen images of the wrecked ship. Now we can see with much more detail of what this creepy, most likely haunted sunken boat looks like, deep below the surface of the ocean. Here you see the bow of the ship pretty much ripped in half. 1.Anglerfish Out of all the creepiest ocean photos, there is still nothing as creepy out there as the angler fish. Also known as the black sea devil, It is the most hideous, vile, diabolical creature in existance. With their goblin like face and freakish nail like teeth, this is the last creature you’d ever want to run into at the beach. There’s over 200 species of anglerfish and not a single one of them is easy on the eyes. They all have a thing known as a lure, which is a piece of flesh that dangles from their head and some of them even glow! This is made to attract prey in the dark underwater abyss we call the ocean. If that’s not creepy enough, the male literally latches on to a female anglerfish for the rest of it’s life and feeds of its nutrients!