Nigel Farage CPAC 2017 FULL Speech

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Nigel Farage AT CPAC 2017 FULL Speech. Nigel Farage speaks about Brexit, 'global revolution' 'We are for the people, and we are winning' he says to cheers Farage 'proud to have been part of Trump campaign' Boos ring out at mention of Tony Blair Donald Trump slams media, Democrats in rousing speech. Trump says he was 'right on Sweden', and France is unsafe. President says 'No such thing as a global flag, it's America First'. We are for making our countries safe, and we are for the people and WE ARE WINNING! Mr Farage concluded his speech with those words, his fist raised and a smile on his face. His speech was very well received here in the hall, and by the large crowds now heading for the exit, thousands had kept their seats after Mr Trump's speech specifically to hear Mr Farage. A big change from his last CPAC address, when most of the crowd had gone before he even took the stage.