[MV] IU(아이유) _ Twenty-three(스물셋)

1theK (원더케이)
2015-10-22 15:00:00 קטגוריה: מוסיקה מאת: 1theK (원더케이)
[MV] IU(아이유) _ Twenty-three(스물셋) *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) :: iTunes DL : IU's 4th mini album titled [CHAT-SHIRE], that everyone has been eagerly waited for, is finally released. IU, who showed the development as a musician by creating the bond of sympathy among many fans with her delicate and unique emotions expressed through previous albums and songs made by herself, expanded her...

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