8 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist !

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8 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist ! 8 NUEVOS GADGETS DE SUPERHÉROES CONTACT ME https://www.facebook.com/top10informationssss/?fref=ts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Source and Credits : #Web-Shooter-Spiderman We all know how cool is the web-shooter in the Spiderman Films We all love spider-man web to go anywhere, and make your opponents stick with it, and can do so much fun! https://goo.gl/fjmG3v https://goo.gl/YZrpvA https://goo.gl/7iwHVr https://goo.gl/Rht2cT #Iron-Man-Glove https://goo.gl/NrpFFB https://goo.gl/UvXb2x https://goo.gl/hZSmbL https://goo.gl/FvSXp1 https://goo.gl/TRz5vN When we say Sci-Fi, we assume he is Tony stark in the Iron-man with cool Gadgets, One of the powerful gadget is the Iron-man glove, which is able to produce powerful laser to beat his opponent, This is the real Iron man Glove which is able to shoot laser which can do a lot #Flying-Hand-Boots https://goo.gl/FvSXp1 https://goo.gl/TRz5vN https://goo.gl/VFZya9 https://goo.gl/QTVsr7 https://goo.gl/pEZzLE Here Iron-man inspired Richard Browning developed A real flying shoes, but it had some balancing issues so he modify it to hand boot which is easy to balance by body coordination and strength with a lot of practice ! #hoversurf-Scorpion3 https://goo.gl/VKVSBq https://goo.gl/zyC7zs https://goo.gl/Qhs6bq https://goo.gl/4M73cv https://goo.gl/9zwWEF https://goo.gl/JJhZaf We Love bikes, love to ride it, but imagine if you can able to fly your bike in sky, please don't think it is impossible! because this is Scorpion 3 from the Russian Company The Hoversurf . #Green-Goblin-flying-machine https://goo.gl/9zwWEF https://goo.gl/JJhZaf https://goo.gl/Z2rrqz https://goo.gl/YwqpqY https://goo.gl/2GPBKo Now kitty Hawk flyer is the comfortable flying machine, backed by google founder Larry Page, the prototype version revealed during flying over the lake, this is ultimately a best way to enjoy nature! #Lilium-The-Advance-Plane https://goo.gl/vKvtiw https://goo.gl/jvyEgQ https://goo.gl/b814kc https://goo.gl/BxP152 https://goo.gl/pKQoMW As we know in the Batman and the X-men, there are airplane concepts, which are so amazing which can lands vertically in less space and it goes to the high speed within few seconds. This is a new concept of the personal air transportation. it is still in prototype concept known as the Lilium #Ant-Man-Army https://goo.gl/mnxWaV https://goo.gl/C1qjGB https://goo.gl/ZYTjG8 https://goo.gl/TfhGak https://goo.gl/eepS3D coolest creation of the company Festo, They made robotic ants which behave the same like the real ants. #Power-Ranger-Robo Method 1 robo https://goo.gl/kBDT59 https://goo.gl/A4Eyi6 https://goo.gl/exjuVB https://goo.gl/gdfCtn https://goo.gl/iXrxJb It is called as Method 1 Robot! It is made by the Korean company “Korea future technologies” with incredible design --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOLLOW TOP 10 INFORMATION Facebook Page:- MESSEGE ME https://www.facebook.com/top10informationssss/?fref=ts Google Plus:-https://plus.google.com/+TOP10INFORMATION10 Twitter:-https://twitter.com/TopTenInfor SUBSCRIBE:-https://goo.gl/F6pHMw