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Find us on Instagram @teswood ( and Facebook Q's Hairdos ( Visit our Blog: We are so excited to be collaborating with Tiffany and Nova from Easy Toddler Hairstyles. You can find them here on YouTube or on Instagram or Facebook at the bottom of this description. **Easy Toddler Hairstyles Hooked Ponies Tutorial: Start with a center part. We are using SoCozy Mousse today to tame the flyaways, I will link this product below as well. Part off a 2-3 inch section just in the crown section on either side of the center part line. Clip each section out of the way and then clip the remaining hair out of the way as well. Take the right section and split the hair in half, then in half again. I like to twist one of the sections to keep it in place while I secure the front section with an elastic. Split the next section in half and the remaining two to equal 4 pony tails on the right side Now repeat on the left side using the same part lines. (I am speaking about left and right as if I am doing her hair, so it will be opposite as you watch the video.) Once you have all 8 ponies secured use water and more mousse to the ponies to tame the hair as we cross them over. Take the front left pony and secure it with an elastic to the second pony on the right side. Take the front right pony and secure it to the second pony on the left side. Repeat until all ponies are crossed over and secured to each other. Add ribbons or bows and you are finished! Don't forget to head over to Easy Toddler Hairstyles to watch their hooked ponies tutorial, It's a super cute basic as well! Easy Toddler Hairstyles: Elastics: Mousse: