SHAPE OF YOU - ED SHEERAN (Cover Music Video)

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-this is my cover to "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran (Duet with Drew Penkala). alright so this video is CRAZY LOL. this is something that is very out of my element haha. so i hope you all enjoy but definitely don't take this too seriously or take it the wrong way. Drew is my ex boyfriend, and we're now super close friends. we wanted to make a duet to this song and originally had the idea to just kind of reflect back on our relationship but then our director had this wild idea and we just went for it! i want to type out the storyline in case you're confused (read after you watch in case you don't get it): So my character is alone at a bar and then drew's character comes and we start talking and flirting and then we hit it off and then i see him rob a gas station, at first my character is shocked but then kind of into the whole bad boy thing. fast forward us making out and falling for each other and stuff LOL he ends up just using my character and conning him to steal my character's money and car at the end. so yeah hope you liked it! definitely not me haha just wanted to do a crazy acting filled storyline that was out of my element a little. -watch the behind the scenes vlog that Drew made on his channel: -subscribe & follow Drew! he's an amazing youtuber and singer: -Drew and i made an Ex-boyfriend tag a few months ago if you want to see us talking about our relationship and everything: -and once again i say this a lot but if you're confused by my sexuality or anything after watching this video, i did make a whole video explaining it: -TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS FOR A SHOUTOUT OR FOLLOW! tweet or instagram me that you did! -subscribe to this channel for new videos every sunday & sometimes Wednesday: -buy the original version of "Shape of You" by Ed Sheeran on iTunes: -subscribe to my vlog channel: -Buy my book: -Buy my album #GOLD: -Check out my merch: -Follow me on social media: twitter: instagram: snapchat: ricky.dillon spotify: tumblr: facebook: vine: For Business Inquires Contact me at: SONG CREDITS: produced by: Bobby J Frausto VIDEO CREDITS: DIRECTED BY: Andrew Vallentine PRODUCED BY: CO-PRODUCER: Brittany Kay DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY: Sten Olson PRODUCTION DESIGNER: Jennifer Hwang EDITED BY: Taylor Brusky HAIR & MAKEUP: Monique Paredes PRODUCTION COORDINATOR: Katie Schmidt PRODUCTION MANAGER: Daniel Kish 1st AD: Morgan Clay Art Director: Jennifer Hwang Key Grip: Tyler Rousseau Gaffer: Dillon Puswald Best Boy Grip: Jake Reeder Best Boy Electric: Mitch Ball 1st AC: Justin Oglesby 2nd AC: Daniel Ajemian Transpo Driver: Dylan McGale PA: Austin LaDuke PA: Ashley Nozoe Talent: Drew Penkala Background: Ratoya Banks Sam Murphy Galen Howard Jaimie Day Joshua Madrid Terrence Newman Justin Oliveros Filmed at Four Aces Movie Ranch