The Evolution Of Boston Dynamics’ Robot Dogs

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2017-11-18 14:00:01 Category: Science & Technology מאת:
Welcome to the evolution of the robo-dog. SpotMini is Boston Dynamics’ newest robot, an evolution from BigDog, which was introduced in 2009. That three-foot robot, designed for military use, was capable of carrying 330 pounds. Next came Spot in 2015, a much smaller version with equally good balance. A year later, Boston Dynamics introduced SpotMini, which has a long neck and head, and can delicately pick up objects. The new version of SpotMini has smoother, more lifelike motions, and a sleeker look. But no word yet on whether it will be available as a pet. Subscribe to Vocativ: Find us everywhere else: Subscribe to the newsletter: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Snapchat: Website: