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We have done just about everything with our swimming pool throughout the years, filled them up with Orbeeze, exploded them, kayaked them, made them into Emojis. And the most ridiculous swimming pool activity yet... Filling the swimming pool with a swimming pool. Don't be shy, SUBSCRIBE:! Yesterday's Vlog ► NIA'S CHANNEL: Symphony's Channel: _SOCIAL ACCOUNTS!_ Email ► Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Vine ► Sam's Photography Page ► Nia's Wreath Page ► _FUN PLAYLISTS!_ Our Trip to Hawaii► YouTube Music Video Trip► Disney Trip to LA► Christmas Vacation to Florida ► Winning Video of the Year Trip ► First Month of Vlogging ► _SOME OF OUR FAVORITES_ Two Life-Changing Phone Calls ► Iphone 6 Plus fight in LA Mall ► Good Looking Parents Turn Old ► In LA to Star in YouTube Music Video ► Hilarious Thanksgiving Dress-Up 2014► Winning Video of the Year► Our Popular Yoga Challenge► Best Halloween Costume Award ► Pumpkin Village► Abram's First Step► 5th Year Wedding Anniversary► Dinner Party Prank► _OUR DISNEY LIP-SYNCS_ Disney Christmas Special 2014 ► Just Can't Wait to be King (Lion KIng)► I See the Light (Tangled)► A Whole New World (Aladdin)► In Summer (Frozen)► For the First Time in Forever (Frozen)► Love is an Open Door (Frozen)► Much thanks to Rapture Ruckus for our intro song: In This Together. Listen to it here: MAIL US AT: Sam and Nia PO Box 1684 Terrell, TX 75160